Изследванията is the main key in advancing your civilization. To start researching all you need to do is construct an Academy and assign citizens to study there. There are four lines of research you can study: Economy, Шаблон:Sci, Шаблон:Sea and Шаблон:Mil. Each research takes a certain amount of research points to be completed. You can also read a detailed description of each technology by clicking on the above links. [[File:
Research.gif|right]] After building your Academy and assign your citizens to become scientists, you will accumulate research points over time (one research point per hour per scientist, assuming you do not have Corruption in the city). Certain achievements in Science help increase the potential amount of research points per scientist. When you have enough points to complete a research, your research adviser will turn yellow. Click on the adviser and you should be able to apply the points you have generated to a un-researched item, gaining its ability. The Research Adviser can inform you of how many research points you currently have accumulated, and the amount per hour you are generating. The more scientists you have working, the faster you generate points, and apply the points to new researches.

Research points Редактиране

A research point or Research_small.gif is a unit of measure used in the Academies to determine when you can learn a research.

1 scientist produces 1 Research_small.gif per hour, without any other researches to change this ratio.

Researches that affect research points per hour Редактиране

There are some researches in the Шаблон:Sci research line, which increase the amount of Research_small.gif produced per hour:

  • Paper increases the number of Research_small.gif produced per hour by 2%.  This means each scientist will produce 1.02 Research_small.gif per hour.
  • Ink increases the number of Research_small.gif produced per hour by an additional 4%.
    • This is cumulative with Paper, meaning that each scientist will now produce 1.06 Research_small.gif per hour.
  • Mechanical Pen increases the number ofШаблон:RP produced per hour by an additional 8%.
    • This is cumulative with Paper and Ink, meaning that each scientist will now produce 1.14 Research_small.gif per hour.
  • Finally, when you reach the Scientific Future's, you gain another 2% Research_small.gif per scientist per hour, for each level researched.

Governments that affect research points per hour Редактиране

Visual Chart and Research Costs Редактиране

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