There was a posting on Facebook when this patch was added to the Test server and later the forums made a mention of it. The patch is too small to be categorized as a new patch number, so I (Morphias) am calling this version Patch for the following reasons:

  1. It was added to far, in dates, after Patch to be called an update to that patch.
  2. It is to small of a change to be called Patch
  • Currently, there are no official patch notes for this version.

Unofficial patch notes Редактиране

Features Редактиране

  • Ikariam Mobile - If you have a very small screen setting on your PC / Laptop or use a cellular phone to log into the game, then you will see a new log-in screen designed specifically for those screen sizes.

Notes Редактиране

This release was implemented as a hotfix that was not officially announced, and did not increase the version number shown in-game or in its links to CSS / JavaScript support pages. This patch is listed as Patch 0.4.2.


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